Bot Devlopment

Our experienced bot developers offer quality services in developing customized bots for stack,Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

Blockchain Development

We also provide private blockchain development. If you want a private and selective access for your business then our private blockchain implementation will help you get that. Our team uses cryptography to store data immutably on a distributed ledger.

Ethereum Development

Collonmade provides customized ethereum development solutions at an optimum price. Our services include Customised decentralised applications, Smart contracts development & Cryptocurrency app development using ether

Smart Contract Development

Smart contract help you to enforce a negotiation between two parties on basis of contractual clauses. Our team helps you to develop decentralized blockchain app which is highly secure against cyber threats .

Product Devlopment & Re-Engineering

Our core expertise is agile software product development and re-engineering focused on modern design, scalability and high-performance with managed cloud services.

Real Time Development

Real-time systems are applicable or can be harnessed for mobile applications, web applications, Multiplayer games, VoIP, real-time data sync and many other areas.



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