10 Applications of Augmented Reality in Mobile Apps

10 Applications of Augmented Reality in Mobile Apps

Augmented reality is quite an interesting subject that has captivated the attention of a lot of developers and the IT companies. AR is basically the amalgamation of the digital information with the user’s real environment. The main difference between virtual reality and augmented reality is that virtual reality makes a completely artificial environment while augmented reality uses the real-time environment around the user. The programming technique used in AR is the special 3D animation which allows the developer to chain the animation with real-time devices of user like camera, GPS, and others.

10 applications of Augmented reality

This app allows you to pick fictional as well as real-world characters and let you drop it into the real world environment. These characters can be picked from any source ranging from YouTube celebrities to cartoon characters to your favourite celebrities. Holo mixing also allows you to add music, animation, sounds and other effects to your placement. It also allows you shrink and expand the images as per your requirements. The actual implementation has its own glitches and is not completely bug-free but nonetheless, it is an interesting implementation of augmented reality.

It allows the users to create secret messages that can be viewed only by users who are using Wallame application. It allows the user to click the pictures of their real-world environment like streets, shop or sign. The app provides in-app coloring tools and various other designing features to create your own customized messages. Now the question is where does Augmented reality actually comes into the picture? AR comes into picture when a person is at the same location which has a hidden message. You will need to open your device camera and access the Wallame app and view the hidden message. The messages can be set to be viewed publicly or only by your friends using the app.

Google translate is not completely an AR app but it has a small feature that makes use of the Augmented reality technology. If there is a text that you cannot understand you will just need to click the picture of the text and the app will translate it for you. If there is an internet connectivity then there are a number of languages it supports. It is a great language support assistant when you are travelling to places that have a different language.

This is a great AR application for interior designers as well as people who are interested in designing their homes and offices. It allows you to pick furniture and various other design pieces and check how they will look in your space. You will just need to access the device camera with Amikasa app and walk through the respective room, kitchen or office space and check the layout and ideal setup for your furniture pieces. It also has colour schemes that will allow the user to check the aptest colour for walls and furniture. This feature is right now active for only iOS users.

So, this is an app specifically for tattoo lovers or people who are planning to get a tattoo. It allows you to check various pre-made tattoos and how it will look on various body parts. This is a great app because it lets you visualise a tattoo before even going under the knife. If you are satisfied with the tattoo’s look and feel then you can surely get inked otherwise there are a number of options to check for. The previous version of the app supported only the black and white tattoos but now they have options for coloured tattoos too.

Based on the very famous series “The walking dead” zombie go let you fight the zombies in the real world. It is a game app where the user can fight the zombie in the real environment while sitting in a bus or walking in a park or even while strolling around a grocery shop. It takes partial inspiration from the very famous Pokemon go and is somewhat based on the same concept.

It is one of the oldest AR apps that let you find information about the world around you. It mixes the local search and the concept of augmented reality to deliver more accurate results. It is a great travel assistant where you can get to know about the nearest restaurants, coffee shops, markets and famous places to visit. It uses the information from Wikipedia, trip adviser and Google maps for more precise results.

This is one of the most impressive augmented reality apps that let you view the constellation, stars, and planets in the sky. You just need to point the phone camera to the sky and you can closely view the celestial bodies. It is like carrying your own small planetarium in your pocket. It is a great app for astronomers, teachers, and anyone interested in exploring the phenomenon of the sky and the stars.

This app takes the idea from snapchat and Instagram and allows the user to bring their bring their pictures to life. It lets the user make their images look like the way they always want it to be.

The most famous gaming app that used Augmented reality was the pokemon Go. It allowed the user to trace the path in their real-time world and catch the Pokemon. This app utilised the GPS of the phone and the camera to show the Pokémon in the real world.

The reason for dying down: The first and foremost thing is that people get bored soon with any game and in order to keep the excitement going you need to keep innovating the game patterns. Secondly, it had several glitches like a speed limit, weak graphics and constant error pop-ups in case of limited network connectivity. Thirdly, it needed money when you travelled new places thus it claimed the user’s time as well as money with no new mystery to unfold.

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