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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring SaaS App Developers

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring SaaS App Developers

Although SaaS technology is not new buzz in the market, however due to its benefits, it is getting popular among the business community day by day. As the graph of popularity goes above, the competition get fiercer. So in this environment of cutthroat competition, the company cannot afford the mistake to hire the wrong SaaS developer. As it not only cost you the salary, but an ineffective hire can sabotage your entire reputation as well.

Mentioned below are some of the mistakes which you should avoid while hiring a SaaS developer for your company.

1) Experience should be a preference but not always :

We know that experience is a crucial factor to consider while hiring someone, but do not make it a sole deciding factor. Seek for new ideas, fresh energy and enthusiasm in your applicants as well.

2) Looking for cheap services :

Keep this in mind that cost effective would not always be efficient and effective at job. If an applicant has a potential do not drop him for demanding high salary.

3) Do not rush for it :

Hiring the developer in rush, directly affects your future products and services so avoid quick fix. Take your time and opt for the best.

4) Looking for neighbouring developers :

We know it is a bit convenient to hire someone with whom you have some proximity. You have to avoid mixing relation with the business.

5) First impression should not be the last :

We know the first impression of a highly well-dressed applicant would be much better than the one with a casual look. However, it would be a mistake if you go for the first impression than skills.

6) Choosing the developer from number of apps worked on :

You should have clear criteria for hiring the developer. A developer with a humongous app developing experience in his CV will be a drastic choice if he has this experience in the utterly irrelevant category. So do not go for big numbers only but check their relativity too.

7) Hire the one with credibility :

To maintain a competitive edge and uniqueness in your apps, you need someone with not only brains but character as well. However, it is challenging to judge someone’s character during an interview but not impossible.

8) Do your homework:

During an interview, you should have done your homework. You should be crystal clear about what kind of person you are looking for.

Ambiguity can only cause ineffective choice and loss

9) Neglecting the project manager :

When a company hires a developer for some particular project, it is crucial to have the project manager on the interview panel. No one better than him knows what kind of developing project demands.

10) Trust your instincts :

One of the biggest mistakes that the business deals while hiring someone is to give zero importance to the instincts. However, this should have some weighted while interviewing someone for a job.

Hiring a competent SaaS developer is going to benefit you in the long run. Make a decision you never regret.

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