API is now public

The wait is over now! API is now public, and you can take advantage of this as much as you can. You might be familiar with this. Well, if not, then let us explain you briefly. API is an online transaction platform where millions and billions

Android Frameworks for Increased Reliability and Performance

Mobile applications are now becoming an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle. Mobile applications are present in everyone’s life, whether they are professionals or not. These applications , no doubt streamline almost every task.  Developing  mobile application provides belief  to an entrepreneurs  that it can be a moneymaking step for them.    Here

Present challenges in iot (internet of things) sector

The Internet of things(IoT) is the most recent technology that has taken the world by storm. It is a collection of many interconnected objects, services, humans, and devices that can communicate and share data and information to achieve a common goal in different areas and applications. Although this technology is