What Are Smart Contracts and How Do They Work?

First proposed by computer scientist and cryptographer Nick Szabo in 1994, smart contracts are computer protocols designed to digitally facilitate and enforce the performance of a contract. Transactions made through smart contracts are credible, trackable and feasible without interference of third parties required in conventional contracts. The main idea behind

5 Benefits of Kotlin for Android App Development

JAVA language has taken the Android app development market by storm. It is the most preferred and popular language for developing Android based applications. Technology is ever-changing and so are the development needs. The usability and performance benchmark for applications is reaching a notch higher every passing day. JAVA is

5 Ways Blockchain Improves Security and Transparency for Your App Project

When people hear the term ‘Blockchain technology’, they usually associate it with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but the fact is that this technology can be used well beyond the exchanges of mentioned decentralized digital currencies, especially when we talk about transparency and security improvement of different apps. The Blockchain records

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5 Big Enterprise App Development Trends for 2018

Businesses and enterprises are being transformed by the digital environment. Small as well as big businesses are deploying digital solutions to gain best out of their businesses. An enterprise or business that is not evolving according to the current market trends lags behind in the competition. On the other hand,

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