10 Applications of Augmented Reality in Mobile Apps

Augmented reality is quite an interesting subject that has captivated the attention of a lot of developers and the IT companies. AR is basically the amalgamation of the digital information with the user’s real environment. The main difference between virtual reality and augmented reality is that virtual reality makes a

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Containerize Your Java Application Easily With Google’s JIB

As we all know that docker containers made developer’s life easier by providing solution for “Write once,run anywhere” concept . For making this concept working ,developers are require to create Dokerfile , run Docker daemon , wait for your docker image to build & if all goes well then finally

Reach More Users With A Battery-Efficient Mobile App

We all are glued to our smartphones 24*7 and we cannot deny how essential it has become for our daily lives. An internet connection is what we need and we can get everything that ranges from groceries to home appliances to movie tickets to a plumber. Everything with a mobile

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Is a Hybrid Mobile App the Right Option for Your Project?

The mobile application development is on an exponential growth. The application industry is blooming with efficient mobile app developers, but, one thing that needs special mention is the type of the mobile application. Non -technical business entrepreneurs get in a tizzy when they have to decide which type of mobile

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5 Ways Continuous Integration Can Improve Product Delivery

Continuous integration allows developers to deliver quality software within the prescribed timelines and in a much more predictable manner. A software development is not an easy task as it involves a number of phases like writing, testing, integrating and finally delivering it to the end users. All these stages of

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