Android Frameworks for Increased Reliability and Performance

Android Frameworks for Increased Reliability and Performance

Mobile applications are now becoming an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle. Mobile applications are present in everyone’s life, whether they are professionals or not. These applications , no doubt streamline almost every task.  Developing  mobile application provides belief  to an entrepreneurs  that it can be a moneymaking step for them. 

Here is a list of Android Apps frameworks for increased reliability and performance.

What is Android framework?

The Android framework helps the developers to create an Android mobile applications much faster and easier. Moreover, it also helps the developers to focus on issues during development of app. Some of the popular android frameworks are as follows:

This popular platform provides the developers with a great opportunity to develop the rapid application by offering its own IDE. The Anywhere Software Company has developed it. Coding performs in a simple language as same as Visual Basic. In fact, B4A is a modified VB language emulator which helps in creating native Android apps.

However, everything can be managed with B4A including Games, GPS, contacts, SMS, HTTPS and also widgets.

This is one of the most popular Native Android frameworks. It helps to work with API in client-server Applications. Moreover, Retrofit2 works in asynchronous mode which means it enables the developers to avoid extra coding. This platform builds the request dynamically. Also, it is an errors processing platform.

This is the most interesting Google Android Framework as it assists developers to implement a specific form of inversion of control that is the dependency injection pattern. It simply lessens dependencies between objects. Moreover, it makes an easy to read the code and also simplifies the testing process of a mobile application.

These are the android app frameworks for increased reliability and performance. 

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