Angular 4.0 – 4 new features you must know


You must be familiar with angular 4 if you love developing apps. If not, then let us tell you what angular 4 is.
AngularJS is a JAVA Script based open-source front-end website development framework. Angular can be used for any languages like Dart, Typescript or ECMAScript 5.
Now here comes Angular 4 which is an advanced new version of AngularJS. It has been introduced in the market a few months back.


You must have in curiosity that what are the new features in angular 4. So let’s find out.


View Engine:

This is one of the best changes that have been made. The developers have worked pretty much hard to implement the new view engine. Now the view engine will produce less code means when you are using the ahead of time compilation it will use less coding. The results are superb for large applications.



No doubt that bundle of work has been done on the Universal project. It allows the people to do server side rendering. The important thing to know is in the past the project was handled by the community, but now due to this angular 4 release, it is now an office angular project.



One of the unusual features of angular 4 is animations have now its package like @angular/platform-browser/animations. Hurray!! No more useless codes! That is not used in app development.


Titlecase pipe:

Now every word will automatically change in upper case because of the new feature in Angular 4.

{{ 'ninja squad' | titlecase }} <! -- will display 'Ninja Squad' -->

angular 4.0

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