The 5 Largest Crypto Exchange Hacks of All-time

Cryptocurrencies had a break out year in 2017 as the media finally began to give this revolutionary technology some credit. Last year saw the prices of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin reach record highs and the market as a whole went through a remarkable period of expansion. Bitcoin came close to…


Seven Types Of Wastage During Software Development Process

Friends we will discuss step by step improvements that helps the developer for either his better carrier or for an entire firm for better growth.    Wastages are that holes from which the firms losses it’s money. But no one can notice it except a good manager. If you are

Opensource Administration Interface For RESTFul API

Today I will provide you best opensource solution for making admin interface for any RESTFul API which is ng-admin . Plug ng-admin to your RESTFul API to get a complete administration interface (datagrid, filters, complex form widgets, multi-model relationships, dashboard) in no time! Beyond simple CRUD, ng-admin lets you build sophisticated GUIs

The Spring IO Platform

Are you feeling troubled while managing dependencies in spring project ? Than post will help you out by introducing you with Spring IO.The Spring IO Foundation layer is a cohesive set of APIs and embeddable runtime components that enable you to build applications addressing a wide range of enterprise requirements. For

Next Generation Coding Language

Evolution is part of life and the reason of life too. This important element is involved in each and every aspects of our life. Those who are reluctant to it or not willing to respect it got vanished.We have seen this phenomenon in terms of many species of life (animals) and