5 Ways Continuous Integration Can Improve Product Delivery

Continuous integration allows developers to deliver quality software within the prescribed timelines and in a much more predictable manner. A software development is not an easy task as it involves a number of phases like writing, testing, integrating and finally delivering it to the end users. All these stages of

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Why Performance Testing Is The Key To A Continuously Deliverable Pipeline?

The DevOps approach of a software development model integrates various methods that fasten and simplifies the build process for the developers. It consists of various testing methodologies like unit testing, integration testing, and functional testing. Testing is done to check the performance of the software. Software tends to behave differently

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5 Big Enterprise App Development Trends for 2018

Businesses and enterprises are being transformed by the digital environment. Small as well as big businesses are deploying digital solutions to gain best out of their businesses. An enterprise or business that is not evolving according to the current market trends lags behind in the competition. On the other hand,

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Introduction To AWS Codestar Service (#COL1723A1)

The most elementary challenges faced by developers during software development process are balanced team management, the amalgamation of distinct pieces of code, issue tracking, the inclusion of libraries and new framework setup. These factors have been dominating the software industry for quite some time now. The companies are constantly evolving

What Are The Advantages Of Rapid Application Development?

In this age of technology, it becomes evident for the business to stay in touch with all the modern media platforms to gain an enhanced customer base. This requirement to stay in touch placed an extraordinary demand on the supply of up to date business applications.     Where at

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