How to Develop Enterprise Application Employees Will Actually Use

All the organisations have been trying to embrace the technology for creating an effective communication platform. It allows the interaction between the company’s management and the employee more transparent and viable. The conventional methods of communication are very boring and time-consuming and it is not that efficient either. Enterprise application

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Containerize Your Java Application Easily With Google’s JIB

As we all know that docker containers made developer’s life easier by providing solution for “Write once,run anywhere” concept . For making this concept working ,developers are require to create Dokerfile , run Docker daemon , wait for your docker image to build & if all goes well then finally

Why Performance Testing Is The Key To A Continuously Deliverable Pipeline?

The DevOps approach of a software development model integrates various methods that fasten and simplifies the build process for the developers. It consists of various testing methodologies like unit testing, integration testing, and functional testing. Testing is done to check the performance of the software. Software tends to behave differently

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Why both IT and business transformation are same?

When we talk about transformation then what is the first thing that pops in your head? The answer will be certainly changes for betterment. Transformation is a part of every sector be it the business environment, infrastructure or just our culture. Every smallest thing is in the cycle of constant

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5 Conceptualization Mistakes That Could Derail Your Mobile App

If you have an amazing business idea then you must have probably thought of bringing it to life with the help of a mobile app. This is not at all a bad idea. Smartphones have been ruling the market for almost a decade now and they are not going anywhere

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