26 Apr 2022 By Apurva Suthar

Content is the soul of any system. Without content there is nothing left remaining in the system. Managing content is becoming crucial for the business for all internal as well as external operation. Customer experience and SEO is additional crucial requirement causing the globe to use more and more Headless CMS development.

Headless CMS is better than traditional CMS in most of all ways which is explained many times over number of platforms. It is prime reason of the exponential growth of the headless CMS. Many research publications has surveyed market independently and the result has been found almost nearby.

According to research and markets study Headless Market growth will increase at CAGR of 22.6% from 2020 to 2027. Research conducted by market watch says the Headless CMS Software market revenue was Million USD in 2020, and will reach Million USD in 2026, with a CAGR of during 2021-2026.

There are multiple reasons behind this good faith in the Headless CMS, few main reasons which contribute highest to the organizations are:

  • Scalability without limitation
  • High security
  • API friendly application
  • Marketing/SEO friendly
  • Unique and consistence experience over devices to users

COVID-19 effect on Headless CMS adoption

During COVID-19, many countries imposed lockdown across the globe. This affected businesses badly. Traditional way of business was on halt and businessmen were forced to reach to their market digitally. Also, reduction of staff caused the internal operation issues and to address this digitization was the only and best option. Therefor companies started to use the best suitable platforms like Headless CMS which added values to their entire system.

Additionally, demand of Headless CMS put pressure on CMS strategist and marketers to create better ideas for increased leads and so market share.

No doubt, COVID-19 create positive impact by increasing demand of the Headless CMS and so increased market share.

These improvements opened new dimension in use of Headless CMS and creating further demand.

Head less CMS regional share

On regional level North America is leading with the 39% share of the Market. Asia pacific is second largest share holder of the Headless CMS with 33%. Europe contributing 14% of the share and remaining are sharing 4%.


Advantages of the Headless CMS and growth demand forecast shows it is best time to invest in the Headless CMS. Hiring an expert in Headless CMS and content strategist is additional benefit to the business.

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