5 Conceptualization Mistakes That Could Derail Your Mobile App

5 Conceptualization Mistakes That Could Derail Your Mobile App

If you have an amazing business idea then you must have probably thought of bringing it to life with the help of a mobile app. This is not at all a bad idea. Smartphones have been ruling the market for almost a decade now and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Mobile applications have been paving way for small as well as big exciting business ideas. Statistics reveal that the total worth of mobile application industry will reach $100 billion by 2020. 

The figures are pretty surprising but what is more mindboggling is that each year millions of entrepreneurs launch their mobile applications in the market. Though these applications get through the benchmark set up by the Apple store and Play store only a small fraction of them is able to survive in the market. The basic reason behind the debacle of mobile applications is lack of conceptualization, business intelligence and proper analysis of the market trends. It often happens that some applications generate millions of revenue in a month while others struggle even to make a few hundred. 

This article focuses on some of the mistakes that people make when they get into mobile app development

1. Lack of an interactive friendly user Interface :


If you are an audience or an app user what are the things that will turn you off? Is it the services, look and feel, user interface or ease of use? Answer these questions yourself and then proceed further with your application development process. Do not ignore even the slightest details like the colour scheme, font designs, interactivity quotient and ease of navigation. The focus should be on making an application that is just not visually appealing but also easy to use and navigate. 

A mobile application that doesn’t offer the ease of use will certainly fail. The interface is the first thing that your audience and users experience when they use the mobile application. If there is even a tiny bit of navigation issue, or it is not easily understandable to the user he is not going to come back again. The focus should be on not just bringing the customer but also making them stay in the long run. 

2. No Analysis of the Market Trends :

The second important aspect for any business to grow and subsequently sustain in the market is having a clear picture of its potential users. Business Analytics should be used at the nascent stages of the app development that will help to build a sticky consumer base. Big data analytics and similar machine learning tools are a great way to collect and analyze data from various sources like social media and similar channels. This will help to get an insight into the potential user expectations and their behaviours. 

If you do not know who your potential users are and what do they expect from the mobile application it is sure to hit back. So, it is essential that you study the market trends and understand your end users thoroughly before starting the development process. This will help to drive more traffic to your mobile application. This is also helpful in enhancing the performance quotient of your application. The performance glitches come into picture when somehow the traffic to your application accentuates out of nowhere and your application just crashes. Having an idea about the amount of traffic your app will generate you can plan accordingly. 

3. No planning about Monetization :


You are developing a mobile application with a perspective to grow your business and ultimately make some money out of it. Monetization is the process of making money from an app without charging for it. At first, monetizing seems to be a daunting job but thinking about it during the development phase makes it quite easy. You will have sufficient time to plan and strategize you monetization technique. 

You can opt for a subscription model, in-app purchases or in-app advertising whatever suits your project best. Try to get a cue from popular applications in your genre and see what is their monetising approach and how it is faring. 

4. Not going for beta-testers :


Ok, so you are done with your mobile app and now comes the testing phase. You become the beta-tester without actually knowing why beta-testers are important. They exist for a reason because they are competent enough to highlight those glitches that you cannot notice. Beta-testers exactly know that what are the common shortcomings that can make your app derail. 

It is just not about crashes or minor bugs but a lot beyond that. There may be issues that are making your application less feasible. You being the developer or the owner may do not find problems with your app. You just find that your app is working perfectly fine but Beta testers give you the outsider perspective. For instance, the in-app advertising in your app is a bit too much hindering the user experience. There are plenty of app-analytic tools that help you see how the testers use your app. The more people test your app, the better it will be to launch in the real world. 

5. Not enough thought for Platform selection :

When an app is being made, it targets three operating systems iOS, Android and Windows. It is essential that you decide where you want your app to go. Android is one of the most popular OS across the globe but iOS reigns in the U.S.A. If you want to get your mobile app reach people in multiple countries then Android is a better option. Many developers just become a part of the rat race and follow what others are doing. For example, they will select iOS as their platform just because monetization will be easy in the app store. It is not at all true, you need to consider each and every alternative, analyze it well and then make your final call. 

If you fail to do so then you will be limiting your audience and hence the success of your application. 

As the saying goes “well begun is half done” keep these points in mind before gearing up for your dream mobile app. An app is just not a computer program but carries a lot of aspirations; dreams and hard work so make it the best one.

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