How to Develop Enterprise Application Employees Will Actually Use

How to Develop Enterprise Application Employees Will Actually Use

All the organisations have been trying to embrace the technology for creating an effective communication platform. It allows the interaction between the company’s management and the employee more transparent and viable. The conventional methods of communication are very boring and time-consuming and it is not that efficient either. Enterprise application makes this process much simple and keeps the employee and the employer closely connected. Apart from this, it will also enable flexible working hours for the employees where they can work according to their own comfort.

The enterprise application may be easy to build and implement but it also has several challenges. The main challenge is to make an application that employers will love and enjoy using it. Let us now highlight some of the reason on why apps have low adoption rates:

1. A complicated application :

Enterprise mobile app should be made like a mobile app and not like a web enterprise app. The main reason for this is that user does not like a mobile application where you have to access through a plethora of pages to perform a specific operation. They want an application that can be navigated with a minimum of efforts to get their task done. If your application lacks this feature then it is sure to fail.

2. Use of API’s and lack of regular upgrades :

An enterprise application that is dependent on API for logging in and navigating is sure to create complexities and problems in the long run. You need to understand that no user enjoy any types of complex functionality in an application. The best that you can do is to try creating an application that makes minimum to no use of API’s. Secondly, an application that utilizes a number of API’s takes a lot of time in development so it is better if you can find a solution that uses simple model of development. Apart from that the app will also need regular upgrades and updates so be prepared for the same. If the app is not upgraded timely then also it will lag behind in the success rate.

3. Not many users :

According to SAP 78% of the enterprise apps do not see any rise in the user base after the first use. This can be defined as chain reaction where if one user is not happy with the idea he will not encourage other people to use the same. You invested so much of time and energy but there are no users for your application. In order to avoid such circumstances, you need to understand the environment and your employees. You should know that when your app needs to be updated and how to make it more engaging and interactive depending on the feedback from your users. The more your app is updated and aligned with user ideas greater is its rating.

4. How many apps will you be launching :

An enterprise app takes a lot of time from development to its final delivery. It is important that you understand the scalability factors and accordingly jot down your solution for the same. If you are planning to create a large number of applications then it will take forever to complete the entire process. To have a successful enterprise application you should have a quick deliverable and easy access application.

What can be done to increase the usability rate of the enterprise apps?

1. Employee maximum involvement :

An app should have features that promote the engagement of the employee. They should have the opportunity to share their views and let the employers know what can be done to improve the efficiency of the firm. It will give them a room to share their opinion on various business policies or ways to overcome the challenges of the organisation. They can also share their problems and other issues and discuss the feasible ways to overcome them.

2. Chatting groups :

Chat groups should also be incorporated in the application. It will also help to improve the cordial relationships between the employees and the employers. The employees can share the feedback and also there will be a free flow of information without any formal restrictions thus resulting in improvement of the services. There can be the birthday, festival and other special occasion push notifications to further improve the engagement.

3. A common platform for accessing the files :

Gone are the days when entire paperwork was searched in order to get a single file. When you let your company go digital then all the files and paperwork can be compressed and stored in digital formats. It will help the employees to gain access to a file in no time thus further enhancing their involvement.

4. Sharing the information :

If the important information is shared on the application then the employees will be more tempted to use the app. The normal way of sharing the information takes a lot of time from reaching the top management to the employees. On contrary information sharing via the app will take just a few seconds. This will, in turn, increase the efficiency and also the time for getting a specific operation completed.

5. Adherence to the guidelines :

The app should also have the task scheduler and the deadlines associated with the same. It will keep the employees and the employers in the loop and will also keep the employees alert about their work and performance. They can keep getting notifications about their work progress and the time in which they should finish.

These are some of the facts that should be kept in mind when you are reaching out for the development of an enterprise app. An enterprise app is an important component of any business in today’s time. It helps to improve the efficiency of not just your business but also the employees. With proper implementation and a logical approach, it can increase the profitability and productivity of the company with a good percentage. You should hire good developers who can work comfortably for creating an app as per the requirements.​

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