Enterprise app development trends to look for in 2018

Enterprise app development trends to look for in 2018

The digital environment is transforming businesses and enterprises at a rocket speed. Each day some new technical stuff is launched in the market and gradually each of us gets used to it in no time. Small as well as big businesses are deploying digital solutions to gain best out of their businesses. An enterprise or business that is not evolving according to the current market trends lags behind in the competition.

On the other hand, a business that is well informed with latest technological innovations becomes the leader in its trade. They constantly work towards making their business grow on the latest lines of the development and advancement. It is not just the business that needs to align with technology but even the customers are using technologies for their day-to-day needs so it becomes even more essential to be technically and digitally sound. As everything is going online and becoming digital there is something that you need to keep in mind if you are going the digital way. 

Here are some of the enterprise app development trends to look for in 2018:

1. Security in web applications :


Web applications are being used for a number of purposes. They are being used for storing confidential information to online money transactions to keeping a track of business proceedings. When such sensitive data is being processed and shared online preventing it from security breaches is of sheer importance. As per the statistics, 69% of the web applications are weak in security and the prime reason is that the businesses and enterprises do not have security as one of their top priorities. Some businesses focus just on speed while some are more concerned about the services. They put the security on a vulnerable platform making it more prone to violations. The developers also do not pay much heed to the latest security innovations. There is number of security threats that have been announced globally but still they have been ignored on a broad scale.

In the coming year, 2018 one can witness a shift in the focus primarily towards more secure systems. The developers will need to write defensive codes that can prevent the entire system from cyber attacks.

2. PWA’s to gain momentum :


PWA’s also means progressing web apps are gaining popularity gradually. In the coming 2018, we can expect PWAs to be covering a large share of applications. PWAs make the user experience highly engaging and interactive. They utilize the latest technologies to create the most effective mobile environment.

Progressive web apps feel like native mobile apps that make full use of the features provided by the web browser.

They have the capability to work offline and also send push notifications.The major problem with businesses since the time mobile applications came into existence is choosing a native app or a mobile app. The user experience that comes with a native app is very appealing while mobile apps lack great experience. A native app is expensive to build and maintain as compared to a mobile app.PWAs provide a solution to all such problems as they bring the user experience of a native app and the cost and maintenance of a mobile app. They are engaging, reliable and fast to use. So we can expect that more businesses will leverage PWAs capabilities. 

3. Low code development :


This trend has been recognized with several other names like citizen development, self-service development and low code development. A citizen developer is someone who develops new business applications in a runtime environment that are sanctioned by the corporate IT. This trend is essential because we are entering a digital world where users want to have everything at just a touch of their fingers. Buying vegetables or making a phone bill payment everything is going digital. A customer won’t wait for months to get a solution he just needs it instantly.

The demand is growing at a rapid pace and the IT sector is not able to meet up the demands at the same pace. The IT department is also not very well equipped with cutting edge and latest technologies that can speed up the development process. The demands on business need solutions and codes that can be written instantly with minimum linesof code and maximum performance. 

4. IOT (Internet of things and web applications) :

IOT also called as internet of things is a network of a number of devices that are connected to the internet like tablets, smartphones, smart plugs, laptops and anything that has a sensor attached to it. The IOT is seeing a bulging curve with no signs of slowing down. 

The success of Amazon Alexa, Echo and other home security products for day-to-day life predict that 2018 will be all about web applications and their connection with physical objects. One such example is that of a “smart home” where you can control your home devices especially lights, appliances remotely via an app and smart plugs. Artificial intelligence will play a vital role in devising strategies for smarter applications that can control and monitor physical objects. 

5. Blockchain-based applications :

This is another newest trend that we all have been hearing about. But what it is actually? Blockchain can be defined as a method of collecting data altogether. The data is stored on numerous computer systems instead of a single place. Blockchain came into existence essentially for financial services where transactions were verified with the help of complex algorithms, but, with the passage of time more and more industries like healthcare, public administration and wherever transaction processing is involved blockchain is finding its relevance. The only setback with blockchain that is of high concern is privacy and scalability. 2018 can be the year that will focus on leveraging blockchain to its full potential. 

When we are talking about evolving technology then the list can be never-ending. You never know what other technical advancement will come into picture the very next day and it will start ruling the entire business world. This is just some of the trends that I feel will be ruling 2018. Though there can be several more trends that can be added to the list.

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