Escrow.com API is now public

Escrow.com API is now public

The wait is over now! Escrow.com API is now public, and you can take advantage of this as much as you can. You might be familiar with this. Well, if not, then let us explain you briefly.

Escrow.com API is an online transaction platform where millions and billions of buyers, as well as sellers, can make their transactions by keeping their payments safe and securely.

“An Escrow is a financial management in which the third party holds as well as regulates the funds. These are the funds’ requirement for the two parties (buyers and sellers) that involved in the transaction.”

Features of Escrow.com API

Escrow.com API is now public that’s mean you can make transactions for a website, mobile applications, and for the marketplace with less to no chargebacks. Amazingly awesome!

In the history of online transaction platforms, Escrow has proved itself as the most trusted and secure platform. Now any business can integrate escrow payments (safe & secure) to their web platforms. This is the simplest method ever introduced in the market unlike other payment methods like credit card and PayPal etc.

>> Simple developers’ first interface

>> Versioning

>> Real-time insight

The developers of this platform have made it easier for the developers spend less time in payment code and compliance overhead and give more time to other requirements of the website development.

Moreover, the interface of this platform is much easier to understand. It provides an interactive documentation and also real-time updates by user-friendly dashboards.

What makes Escrow different from other platforms?

1) Track records :

One of the main reasons why Escrow is the most secure platform is it has over a US$ billion in transaction records. As Escrow has been providing a licensed, regularly audited service for almost 17 years.

2) No chargebacks :

Now the buyers and seller transactions are safe and protected from any risk. Moreover, the buyers can inspect of services before accepting them. Similarly, for the sellers, as they are protected from with risk with no chargebacks.

3) Cost effective :

Escrow.com API is very much cost effective. With minimum to no fee as 0.89%. Much better than credit cards and other payment methods.

4) Escrow API benefits :

>> Increased trust for payments

>> Increase liquidity

>> Increase compliance

>> Excellent insights

>> Increase conversion

For getting more information on Escrow.com Platform API and documentation, please go to the API Developer Portal.

So Escrow.com API is now public when you are doing your transaction with Escrow?

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