How AngularJS Helps Running Your Website Faster

How AngularJS Can Help Running Your Website Fast & Efficient ?

How AngularJS Helps Running Your Website Faster ?

Nowadays developing a website is not as complex as it was in the old days. There are several tools and frameworks for developing the website. Whether it is backend development or frontend development, developers have too many options. With the increase in options, it brings other benefits such as making code easier, better website performance, interactive interface, etc. AngularJS web application development is one of best option among them.

While talking about different tools and techniques for website development, Angular JS is one of the most common and widely used tools nowadays. Angular JS was released in 2009 by Google. Angular JS is an open-source JavaScript framework based on MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. The main reason for its popularity is its two-way data binding and code reusability.

Angular JS is the best option for creating single page web applications. It has a built-in Javascript library based on standard JS and HTML. The best thing about Angular JS is that it is open-source and maintained by Google. It the third most starred repository on the GitHub. These facts show that Angular JS is an efficient and reliable framework with a solid foundation, so you can use trust Angular JS for developing your website.

Angular JS is almost applicable to all kinds of websites. Let’s talk about some areas and see some examples of Angular JS websites. If we talk about Video Streaming apps, it works great for these apps. Netflix is one of the examples of Angular JS. Social apps are another area where Angular JS is awesome, the mobile version of Linkedin is built on Angular JS. Other areas such as eCommerce websites, travel apps, web apps, etc. also work great when developed with Angular JS.

How AngularJS Makes Website Faster & Better

AngularJS is a simple and rapid solution for all your front end development needs. It is a standalone framework, which means it does not require any other library or tool to use it. Angular JS helps to improve your website speed and make your life easy by making code reusable. Some of the main features of Angular JS are discussed below, which makes it fast and reliable.

1. Two Way Data Binding

The coolest concept in Angular Js is two-way data binding. It saves the developers time by increasing the code reusability. Angular JS allows developers to bind data to HTML by making use of expressions. The developers can easily extend the functionality of HTML to create new constructs. The data-binding is helpful in projecting the model to application view. This makes the projection flawless and no extra effort is required from the developers.

2. MVC Structure

Most of the frameworks these days usually follow the MVC structure. In Angular JS, the MVC is not followed in a conventional way. Rather, it is similar to MVVM (Model-View-View Model). The unconventional structure of Angular JS makes it more reliable and increase its performance relatively.

3. Customizable and Flexible

One of the major advantages of AngularJS is that the developers don’t need to use the libraries. This reduces the size of the framework, resulting in better app performance. Angular JS contains filters that allow distilling the data before they get into the view. Features like pagination, formatting, etc. are made easier with this concept.


AngularJS is one of the most popular, dynamic and widely used development frameworks currently available. It makes the life of developers much easier and boosts the website performance. Contact us to learn more about our company and the options.
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