Everything You Should Know About Real-time App Development (2)

Important Facts That You Should Know About Real-time App Development

Important Facts That You Should Know About Real-time App Development

There was a time when we used to send messages and wait for the replies without getting any information about the status of our message. This has changed since WhatsApp has become popular. You might be wondering what WhatsApp has to do with real-time app development, WhatsApp and all other instant chat apps are examples of real-time applications. Real-time app development is one of the most trending areas in the current technology era. This article will give you an overview of everything that you need to know about the real-time applications and their development.

Examples of Real-Time Applications

If you have a smartphone, then you must be a daily user of real-time applications. Let us give you some examples of real-time applications and the areas where they are mostly used.

1. Real-time messaging apps

One of the most common apps on smartphones is real-time messages apps. When you send a message to a friend and gets its status about being delivered or read, or when you get a push notification for a message, it is all possible because of real-time app development. Examples of such apps are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc.

2. Real-time Cab booking apps

The real-time car booking apps like Uber, Careem, Grab Taxi, etc. are another example of real-time app development. When you see a car moving on the map, it is a result of a continuous update of car location through the servers. Real-time tracking through GPS not only helps the driver and passenger to reach the destination but also provides different routes on the map.

3. Home Automation Apps

When you get into your house and the lights automatically turn on, it is the result of your geolocation that is transmitted to the automation system in real-time.

4. Health & Fitness Apps

The health-related apps are getting popular nowadays and they are helping people to maintain their fitness. These applications are based on the concept of real-time development. When a push notification related to workout reminder appears on the screen, it is based on real-time app notification.

Benefits of Real-Time Apps

Real-time applications are a way to move forward. In any field of life, real-time applications are making an impact. These app helps to make better decisions at the right time by providing useful information. Real-time apps are helping in healthcare by providing patient history at real-time, which is accessible all the time. One of the other application of real-time apps are in the banking system, credit card companies can detect the fraud at the second when the card is swiped. Other than these areas real-time apps are helping in the transportation, logistics, trading, real state, etc.

Developing Real-time applications

The real-time app development is not as simple when compared to traditional app development. They are more complex as they include a lot of features and most importantly these apps need to handle a large amount of data at real-time, bringing the role of big data and IoT devices which are not easy to handle. The performance of these apps depends on the correct development, i.e. the programming languages used for development and the system on which they operate.


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