Introduction To AWS Codestar Service (#COL1723A1)

Introduction To AWS Codestar Service

The most elementary challenges faced by developers during software development process are balanced team management, the amalgamation of distinct pieces of code, issue tracking, the inclusion of libraries and new framework setup. These factors have been dominating the software industry for quite some time now. The companies are constantly evolving and marshalling new methodologies to ease and fasten the development process.

A significant amount of time is invested in setting up of IDEs, allocating right code repositories, identifying infrastructure needed for development, tests and production, getting permissions and a lot more. Developers invest their precious time in such things before they can finally start the actual development process. The organizations need swift development methodologies to build and deploy your applications on AWS quickly but most of them till date they lack resources for doing so.

Amazon had launched AWS codestar service that tends to increase the pace of development and ease on various challenges of developing highly functional software. AWS codestar is a cloud-based service that is employed in developing, building and deploying applications quickly. AWS CodeStar works on solving such challenges. It eases the setup process for the development and makes the team start working immediately on the project rather than wasting time on setting up and configuring. There is no manual mess like keeping track of code, configuration and libraries for each development as AWS CodeStar does that automatically for you.

Codestar implements the top-down approach where an administrator builds a project and after that invites team members to work on it. Once the team members become a part of it they start working on it individually and a cycle of develop-build-deploy-repeat begins. The administrator can view the entire development process from time-to-time and apparently approve/deny the changes.

It is free to use and you pay only for the AWS services.

Benefits of AWS Codestar service

>> The setup process of AWS Codestar is fast, simple and doesn’t need any extra expertise.

>> The projects can be easily built with the help of various project templates available with Codestar.

>> It has central console system that can help you manage the team member access roles. You can assign roles centrally to your team members and get free from managing various IAM policies.

>> It gives you the power to manage and visualize the developing process with the help of project dashboard. You can view the latest code snippets and other activities, code alterations, deployments and other development from a single web page.

>> AWS Codestar comes with an integrated toolchain for your project. The team members push the codes and they are reflected automatically. This helps the team member to work more effectively and quickly during entire code development process.

>> It is integrated with Atlasian Jira software for issue management directly from AWS Codestar console.

>> Codestar handles the permission settings automatically eliminating the hassle of manual management. AWS guide you through clear instruction manual for the client side and subsequently for the server side too.

>> It is absolutely free. You just need to pay for the Amazon web services.

When setting up a new project on Codestar you need to choose from the different options like the preferred language that can Java, PHP, Python and Ruby. The next you will also have to choose the framework like node.js, Laravel(PHP), Flask(Python). AWS Codestar offers 27 different templates that you can choose from and each template comes with additional information about the kind of infrastructure it will employ.

After choosing the preferred language and framework next come what you want to build. It may be a static website, web application or a web service. Finally, you will need to choose the architecture from AWS elastic beanstalk, AWS EC2 and some more available choices as per your comfort.

Creating IAM user

aws codestar home

To start using AWS Codestar you need to create IAM user but you can use an existing one for signing into the console. You can sign into the console with the help of AWS access key ID and the secret key associated with the user. This gives you the privilege of managing the user permissions without any fuss. There are basically three types of access available one is owner’s access, viewer’s access and contributor’s access.

Your IAM users will now have the access and permissions to the services and resources available in the Codestar.


After you are finished configuring your project you will be taken to the dashboard. This dashboard can be defined as the central place where you have several links for managing resources, monitor application performance, manage pipeline and track the changes. The dashboard allows you to allocate work to your team members and also manage the permissions.

The links available on the Dashboard are :

Code : All the code details will be stored in here.

Build : This build links you to the already build segments of the project. It is the individual versions created by various other team members.

Pipeline : This takes you to the dashboard where all the changes are being tracked and continuous integration and deployment are taking place. The CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous deployment) fasten the process of development. Each application on Codestar is pre-configured that builds, tests and deploys code after a commit.

aws codestar pipeline

These are the preconfigured services apart from this you also have links to manage the development team and insert extensions. The extension that is provided by the AWS codestar let you add titles and functionality to the dashboard. Right now JIRA extension is the only one provided in the AWS Codestar. JiRA helps issue tracking and is also a project management tool.

Codestar can also integrate with Amazon cloudwatch that is one of the application monitoring services that help to manage and monitor applications easily.


The AWS codestar has tried to take into account all the pain points faced by the application developers. When new coders enter into the vast world AWS they get lost in the maze of endless documentation, libraries, permission handling, tokens and authentication. Codestar takes extra care of such issues and provides an automated system to handle it all.

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