Java 9

Java 9- 5 amazing Features you should need to know

Java 9- 5 amazing Features you should need to know

You must be familiar with Java 8 now it’s time to interact with the new version in the form of the Java 9 (doc) module system. That is going to introduce in the market this year.

Let’s find out some extraordinary features that will blow your mind

1) The Java Platform module system

The amazing definition of Java 9 is in its module system. When the code bases became complicated and tangled like NOODLES, then surely there needs some solution for it.

The two problems, including the difficulty in encapsulating and problematic class path. However, this incredible efficient module path Java 9 addresses both the problems.

2) Linking

Alright, one more mind-bobbing feature of Java 9 is it will create a minimum runtime for the application you need to run. That means if you have modules with direct dependencies and a modularized JDK, then possibilities are that these will depend on each other for functionality which takes time. The Java 9 has made this problem easily.

3) JShell : The Interactive Java REPL

A super attractive feature of Java REPL has made the life easy. That means you don’t need to wait for executing code like for other languages. BRAVO!!! Just open the Jshell and start your coding. Furthermore, it provides an incredible friendly learning environment. Now teach others with any hesitation and problem of “public static void main’ rubbish. You can easily explore the API’s and some other features of the language.

4) Improved Javadoc

Are you searching for Javadoc on google just like me? Well, well you don’t need to do so. Now Javadoc also includes a search right in the API documentation. Moreover, you will get the Javadoc out in the form of HTML5compliant. 

5) Private Interface Java 9

Java 8 has brought some default methods, but default methods are always defaults. Furthermore, those cannot be your private methods for giving shared functionality. But don’t worry because Java 9 is going to introduce best private helper methods to an interface for solving problems.

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