Why Organizations Are Embracing Node.JS Development

Why Organizations Are Embracing Node.JS Development

All frameworks and languages come with their own specific features, but most of the big brands are interested in using NodeJS. It has got dominance over development in the enterprises. The development executed with NodeJS has set up a new standard for the enterprise applications.

NodeJS has been defined as the JS runtime environment that allows an infrastructure to build and run an application. It is a seamless, extensible, and cross-platform method to run the code. As it makes use of the event-driven I/O model, it became extremely efficient. After a billion downloads, node.js succeeded to create real-time applications. This is the reason that it obtained a higher rank. To avail the best node.js development services, you should consider hiring the best node.js development company in India.

Benefits of using NodeJS framework :

>> Capable of creating real-time apps.

>> Do coding in JavaScript for both client and server-side.

>> It enhances the development process as it fulfills the gap between the front-end and back-end developers.

>> The code can be run faster than any other language.

The advantages that an organization avails to go with NodeJS for app development are

Several reasons are responsible for choosing one programming language over the other. The main motive of selecting node.js is its modern tooling and its quality of developing difficult applications. Here, you can have a look at some of its advantages:

1. Efficiency and flexibility :

NodeJS has been made on Google Chrome’s V8 runtime and it has been written in C++. It is compatible with multiple operating systems, and is superfast. With performance optimization, both V8 and Node are frequently updated. It provides support to the modern JavaScript features. Due to the event-driven architecture, node.js allows you to handle multiple contacts efficiently. Apart from all these things, Node.js supports flexibility with powerful features such as the Cluster module which enables load balancing over multiple CPU cores.

2. Possible to get long-term support :

In this modern era, things are changing continuously and new technologies rise and fall without even providing the long term support. It is quite difficult to build and manage an app written in an outdated language.

Based on one of the NodeJS user survey report, more than 61% of programmers consider NodeJS as an important feature for long-term support. By using node.js, it gets easy for the programmers to plan and accept new versions based on their regular development cycles.

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