Would work with them again and again, they are really professional and deliver all requirements on time. highly recommend them.

Project Details

Collonmade has successfully completed web application development and designing of website Ageaportal using latest frameworks and technologies in frontend as well as backend .

About Ageaportal

AGEA Akkam Global Educational Assistance is a company founded in Istanbul and aimed to be the joint between the students from all over the world and the educational institutions in a way that guarantees the professionality and quality which both sides ask for.

Our mission is to connect the world in terms of education and to create a new concept of academic communication among the educational institutes and organizations. Besides, we aim to offer and provide the students world widely with effective opportunities and scholarship programs.

AGEA is defined with three concepts:

  1. AGEA Educational Events:
    Involves preparing and proceeding all kinds of educational events in Turkey and Abroad.
  2. AGEA Link office:
    The idea is to connect all international schools and colleges with one reference provides several academic and logistic services in terms of education, health and culture.
  3. AGEA Governmental Universities Portal: