Billing software

Great simple invoice for use of normal shop keepers and middle vendors. It will add value if you add Challan no. and date, P.O. number and date. It will add more value.
Jaykrushna Gajjar

Project Details

Collonmade’s one of the best product is Billing software . Right now application is launched in google chrome extension( Click Here ). It is basic in nature as per it’s requirement.


2017-year end was coming and suddenly Collonmade got one call from local Vadodara based retailer. He was in search of the very basic billing system. His first requirement was that he must be able to use the bill without internet. He was ready to pay for the good basic billing system.

During detail discussion, we found that it was the common problem and requirement of the local vendors. All were in requirements of the basic billing system after revision of the Indian government taxation system as GST.

Project kick off and Detailing:

We at Collonmade software solutions internally discussed and decided that it will provide the good billing system very free, considering it as part of social responsibility. The journey for collecting basic

common requirements for software developments started. Many vendors contacted for their inputs.Basic format was decided. Every single detail was considered. Main care was taken that it must be as simple as possible. However, it must include all necessary categories.

After concluding basic requirements financial aspect of bill came in to the picture. The bill must include all government requirements. So, need of experienced financial expert arouse. Many financial experts contacted for their expertise, but either they were not up to the mark or they were reluctant to give their service for the good cause. During this search, Mumabi based Chartered accountant (CA) Mr. Vishal Ramchandra Khap, linked in link a good friend of one of the team members showed his will to help for this good cause. He gave his expertise in taxation part and drafted the basic legal requirements for the bill.

Launch of product:

Thus, whole bill finalized as a product. Development part was not big issue due to collonmade team of experts. The product was ready in no time. The bill given to the local vendors for their inputs. Local vendors came with some suggestions, which had been incorporated. And final version was put on the Here . for ready use of the local vendors.

Good news was that the billing software accepted widely locally as well as in other parts of India also. Local vendors are very convenient with the bill.

Basic features of the billing software :

– No internet required
– Automatic PDF generated
– Print option available
– Very basic in nature

Collonmade is committed to launch the second detailed version of the bill, which will serve most of the middle level entrepreneurs.