Civcalc (Civil Calculation)

Civil engineering holds many cumbersome calculations. It took away many useful time of the engineer which can be invested in other activities to get more output. With that goal Mr. David Wann, brought breakthrough software application which is handy and aimed to resolve most of the calculations of the civil engineering. We as “Collonmade” got this opportunity to serve our esteemed client.

The  software development part has been decided to go through phase wise manner. Accomplished first phase was the foundation (like foundation of building) of the entire software application. App is very useful due to its high end features which will help clients and engineers in many ways like:

  • Complex calculations
  • Cost estimations
  • Imaginary colourful view for the decided design

Main goal of the application is to assist Civil Engineering Estimators in calculating the cost of civil projects.Mainly the application provides calculators for the following, but not limited to that:

1. Piers
2. Footings
3. Trenches
4. Pavements
5. Block works
6. Bulk Excavation etc…





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