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Project Details

Collonmade has successfully completed web application development of empower with unit test and integration testing for both frontend and backend .

About Empower

With the idea of solving the the global plastic waste problem by turning it into an opportunity to save the environment and fight poverty Empower was founded. Empower is now a platform that facilitates and incentives plastic waste collection and recycling globally, while providing a digital ID and basic income for people in need.


We are grateful to work with an engaged and diverse community. All with common passion for saving our planet from our own mess. Both individuals and organisations bring knowledge and ideas on how to take care of the ocean and find better ways to engage in our daily lives. We have backers enabling plastic cleaning projects. Projects that you can follow completely transparent in the Empower platform. We work with corporate partners to develop tailor made solutions, and are also building a community of Empower ambassadeurs, so please get in touch if you would like to partner up or know more!