ISWT – WordPress plugins

Would work with them again and again, they are really professional and deliver all requirements on time. highly recommend them.

Project Details

German music lovers know very-well. This cool web application, which uses wordpress plugins, serves mainly three agenda, of course related to music world only:

  1. All kind of latest music
  2. live TVs
  3. News

It gives music lovers all kind of facilitates by which they can easily handle the app to listen or see music what they love to. The quality of content is very high. It tracks all the history and required info as well for users convenience. Also, one can share the content with like minded people or group. It was a wonderful experience for the team to develop this project because of the content (obviously because of music!!!!!). Joy and Fun was common during the journey of features development for this app. WordPress plugins were developed to make the app easy go. High end software automation uses every opportunity to connect and track the activities going on.