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Project Details

Qatar, this young state, was keen a long time ago on openness and communication with all Arab countries and foreign. And began to keep pace with the development in all fields significantly (technology, construction, industry and trade ……) and showed those in charge of country all the enthusiasm and intention to achieve this progress and did not spare any effort so.

This development allowed in all sectors to ensure the life easier for the people of Qatar and all nationalities present on the ground state of Qatar. In order to facilitate and protect the rights of these individuals was lawyer’s office Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Thani, Lawyers & Legal Consultants.Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Thani law firm has the professionalism and knowledge of all local laws, as well as our expertise in the field of litigation in Qatar, said that the members of our office are competent and highly professional and specialization in all areas to be able to handle any issue, whether friendly or judicial means.

Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Thani law firm provides several services to clients from all over the world.The office provides perceptions and scientific and legal consultancy in all areas.