Nirant Charitable Trust

Thank you for helping us in developing this charity website. Important thing is you listen and managed every small requirements from our side in this website. Also, supporting in maintenance of the website. God bless you.
Abhishek Soni

Project Details

India based charitable trust is spreading its sweet smell since last 4 years of existence. Website development done using WordPress which is opensource content management system based on PHP and MySql.

Trust mainly serves in to three different categories:

1. Education
2. Medical
3. Basic needs

The trustees approached to Collonamde for website, which serves their purpose. They were having some basic clear requirements, which this website must satisfied:

  • Regular updated Information about the trust activities.
  • Encouragement for donors
  • Regional marketing.

Regular updates:
The admin panel made in way that allow the nontechnical user to update the information as simple as they can do it on social websites like , etc. To viewer it looks one image, which represent the entire activity series. In addition, by clicking it one can see all the activities captured in camera. This way it gives easy and simple presentation to viewer also.

Encouragement for donors:
The trust activities are partially depend on donors also. The trust has philosophy of only regional marketing. Furthermore, there is concept on no special marketing tools like calls or emails. They just believe in social marketing like word of mouths etc. This will ensure that, those who donate, will be very convinced to help by their own not by force. It is trust responsibility to mention and to appreciate their helps on website. We decided to keep it on front page with automatic scrolling.

Regional marketing:
Clear marketing requirement was there which needs to be taken in care while designing the website. They required local region penetration and no further extended marketing. We decided to keep enough space for images and they used it smartly by keeping variety of actual event captured images, which highlight local areas and local people. Upcoming activities are highlighted on front page for the information of the donors.

One of the initial website developed by Collonmade is still serving to society and that too on increasing scale day by day. Software development part was completed before deadline due to clear communication of the requirements from honorable trustee and the spirit of the software development team.

Collonmade will remain always very thankful to the Nirant trustee to give this chance of website development for this generous social activity.