Spined – Back Posture Correction

I was really happy working with you guys, the project with delivered perfectly.
Shray Gupta

Project Details

Spined (Back Posture Correction) is an android application aimed to help people improve their Cervical Spine posture.The app helps users to monitor their posture over weeks. A subsequent report is generated.

Using state-of-the-art technology, this application helps in posture monitoring. Smartphones and devices have deteriorated our posture. Presently, we use the smartphone for more than 2 hours a day. This application aims at improving the back posture by sending ALERTS to the user and monitoring the activity. After various studies conducted by researchers, this application uses a new algorithm and mechanism to find out the posture. By employing the accelerometer data, and processing, filtering it through various functions, the application decides whether the posture is acceptable or not!


1. Start the Spined Application and let it run in the background
2. Run the application when you are standing to get the most accurate results
3. Go to Today’s Overview in Spined APP. Here the total number of posture recorded are mentioned. The number of BAD POSTURES indicates when your Spine is in an improper angle.
4. Posture Trend shows the percent of bad postures throughout a day. It will be recorded over the time.

NEW Features include better UI, Day-Month-Yearly data, and more logical dot graphs.