collonmade has a skillful freelancers who communicates well and understand customer's needs. He is expert in his field and always tends to find solutions. The project collonmade has to deal with is rather large, and he carefully takes it step by step and ensures quality work

Project Details

TransferNow(Mobile recharge Application) is for users of UAE to recharge their mobile phones with topup amount provided by transfernow api . This api enables you to recharge in 140 different countries . Front-end is developed using angularjs which uses back-end api developed in Java using Spring3.0.0 and Hibernate frameworks . The UI of app is created in such a way that user will have minimum steps to go to checkout page . Also from admin panel admin can create coupons . These coupons can be for limited time / for limited number of users / one time coupons for registered users. User can check their orders from their account page , Redeem coupons etc .