Present challenges in iot (internet of things) sector

Present challenges in IOT (Internet Of Things) sector

The Internet of things(IoT) is the most recent technology that has taken the world by storm. It is a collection of many interconnected objects, services, humans, and devices that can communicate and share data and information to achieve a common goal in different areas and applications. Although this technology is fairly new and self-sufficient for the current usage as with all the other technologies in this world, it has its challenges and hurdles in growth.

The internet of things(IoT) being a fairly new technology might face a lot of hurdles as it plans to grow shortly. This technology has started reaching out people at about hundreds of thousand level, but the future of this technology might be relatively low as the technology require sophisticated knowledge including that of web development too.

Major and minor problems

1. Innovation in ideas :

Viewing it from the consumer perspective understanding this technology is not an easy task as the consumer’s demands are constantly changing in this ever growing world. There is lack of education by consumers of usage of this technology leading to avoidance of it, and lastly, inventions must have features and compatibility which can time consuming and out of budgets most of the times.

2. Business model :

The major hurdle in a growth of Internet of things is the business model itself. As it is not wide spread and not something which can be accepted by a lot of vendors. The investments made in this model will be fairly less for a model like this must satisfy all the requirements of a basic e -commerce that is the market it is targeting. If it cannot satisfy or be in layman terms, the model will surely be suffocating shortly.

3. Speed and scalability :

Another hurdle of The Internet of things will be the need to balance its speed and scale. Now, most of the analysis of the Internet of things are done in the cloud (data hub) but in the long term, though this might become a hurdle for in its growth as the advantages of the cloud might not suit the future scenarios when data processing exceeds to billions of users.

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