Why To Choose Progressive Web App For Your Next Development

Why To Choose PWA Development Company For Your Next Development

Why To Choose PWA Development Company For Your Next Development

In this fast moving world, everybody wants to be fast and want fast and quick results whether in real life or on the internet. People have no time to struggle with the data and hence they want connections with good speed and sufficient data. Gone are the days when the internet speed was so slow that it used to take forever to open even a small webpage. Developers have come up with apps that are very quick to load even with the slower internet. Progressive Web Application is one such application which was developed in the year 2015. After that many PWA development companies decided to follow the trend and come up with an innovative idea of creating lite apps for mobile phones which were made extremely light in weight in terms of memory. These had a lot of advantages over native apps.

What are PWAs precisely

Now, the question is, what exactly are the Progressive Web Applications? A PWA is a lightweight mobile app that takes lesser time to get loaded as compared to normal mobile apps and also uses much less data in comparison to non-progressive apps. Even in case of bad or poor internet connectivity, these apps work very well as compared to native apps and give users a great experience by saving their time and money.

There are a lot of PWA development companies in India and they get more and more requests every day to develop progressive web applications to increase  usage of progressive applications and make them popular amongst customers. These are considered to be a revolution in the field of app development as they drastically decrease the loading time and makes the user stick to the site without leaving it. In the case of native apps, it has been observed that 53% of the users leave the site if it takes more than three seconds to load. So, progressive web apps are doing a great job by adhering the users to the sites by considerably decreasing the load time.

Worldwide usage and acceptance

Since 2015 when the Progressive web app was launched for the first time, considering its efficiency, may giants like Flipkart, MakeMyTrip and micro blogging site giant like Twitter opted for PWA. It was noticed that a considerable increase in downloads and usage happened as users were happy with the load time and the overall experience of the apps in comparison to earlier app versions. Software Giant like Google has also started to push its development team to design Progressive apps and bid adieu to the older versions.

Technical aspects of PWA

When an app is developed, not only its usage is taken into consideration but all the technical aspects involved in the development are taken into account too. Some of the technical aspects and requirements  that must be considered in the design and development of PWAs are discussed below.

  • One of the best things about PWAs is they are not dependent on a specific browser for their performance. They work in the same way in all browsers.
  • They get loaded instantly and work super fast even in 3G so they can be used efficiently even on poor networks.
  • They are very responsive on tablets as well as on mobile devices as they are specifically designed and developed for these devices
  • Page transitions are always smooth and never hang or get stuck
  • User is informed promptly when he is offline so that he gets to know the exact status of his network in no time
  • Index.html pushes critical resources first on priority.
  • You always retain the initial position when you return to a page from the detail page. In this way, your data is not lost.
  • Social metadata, as well as schema.org metadata is provided when required.
  • The user is informed well about how the notifications will be used so that he can manage them well by enabling and disabling them based on his choice
  • As far as payment on the apps is considered, a user can pay with the native user interface efficiently.

PWA has gained massive popularity and acceptance across the globe due to its obvious advantages to both users and developers but for the Latin markets, PWAs are still a new form of experiment and they are a bit hesitant is applying them on their customers. Once they are familiar with its powerful technological aspects, it is assured that it will be accepted with open arms. As far as the future is concerned, PWA seems to have a bright and amazing future.

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