Reasons behind preferring Nodejs for web application development

Reasons behind preferring Nodejs for web application development

Reasons Behind Preferring Nodejs For Web Application Development

Nodejs is an eminent platform for web application development which is built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime. Over the past few years, the unparalleled growth of this framework has encouraged many companies to adopt this framework for web application development. The reasons behind the huge popularity of Nodejs are its reduced time-to-market, high agility, APIs, support for mobile app, and many more. Nodejs is ideal for real-time applications and sites which are expecting a huge growth in terms of users. If you are planning to build an application using Nodejs, you can hire a Nodejs development company who will help you to accomplish your project. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the reasons preferring Nodejs for web application development.

1. Fast development is possible

With the help of the NodeJS framework, you can easily develop fast and scalable network applications. This is because of the fast and quick execution of JavaScript. Moreover, NodeJS offers a single-threaded model with an event loop, which is quite helpful particularly, when you are handling multiple requests from the clients. This is the prime reason why developers prefer NodeJS for web application development. Since the event loop is already present in Node.js, there is no requirement for creating more threads.

2. Apt for real-time applications

Are you planning to build real-time applications like chat or gaming apps? Then, you should consider NodeJS for this context. With NodeJS, the synchronization process is faster and well-organized. Since NodeJS is written on JavaScript, thus, it works perfectly in TCP and at the same time, it avoids HTTP overload.

3. Data synchronization

You must be aware that NodeJS is written on JavaScript. So, data transfer between the client and server occurs very quickly without any hassle.

4. Sharing is supported

This framework always encourages sharing. Whenever your NodeJS developer has stuck up or faces any problem during the app development, The Node Package Manager (NPM), with its repository of 50,000 packages, assists the developer to overcome the issues. So, with NodeJS, updating, sharing and reusing of code have become simpler and facile.

5. Improves development speed

NodeJS is a light-weighted platform and it possesses a chunk of tools. Thus, this framework improves the speed of application development. To create more value with minimum effort, you should try to use various libraries and the fruitful solutions that are provided by the NPM registry. Now, you can reduce the size of your application and also, minimize the bugs because of reusable templates.

6. Easy to learn and code

NodeJS helps you to make easy and hassle-free coding. This framework gives you astonishing deployment results. With the help of this framework, you can now complete all intrinsic works by using threads because the code is converted into machine native language. This also improves your development speed. To learn NodeJS you just need to know the basics of JavaScript and how it works.

7. Scalable

Since NodeJS is a lean technology tool, this framework is perfectly suitable for microservices architecture. This platform always provides you with better flexibility. Nowadays, the competition is enormous. To cope up with the competition, all start-ups are trying to escalate their growth and profile. The scalability of NodeJS will certainly give them huge benefits. With NodeJS, app logic is broken into smaller modules. Because of this, a professional and deft developer can easily add more modules to the existing ones. Node apps provide support to the horizontal as well as vertical scaling.

8. Huge Community support

NodeJS has huge community developers. These developers deliver various modules as per requirements. And, this is another core reason behind the huge popularity and growth of NodeJS. is a popular module among developers. This module provides constant communication between the server and the client. By using this module, the server can send updates (in real-time) to the clients.

The above, we mentioned some reasons behind preferring NodeJS for web application development. Due to its features and facilities, NodeJS outcasts all other JavaScript frameworks.

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