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We Help You To Switch Your Business To Blockchian Environment

Blockchain-based applications

This is another newest trend that we all have been hearing about. But what it is actually? Blockchain can be defined as a method of collecting data altogether. The data is stored on numerous computer systems instead of a single place. Blockchain came into existence essentially for financial services where transactions were verified with the help of complex algorithms, but, with the passage of time more and more industries like healthcare, public administration and wherever transaction processing is involved blockchain is finding its relevance. The only setback with blockchain that is of high concern is privacy and scalability. 2018 can be the year that will focus on leveraging blockchain to its full potential.

When we are talking about evolving technology then the list can be never-ending. You never know what other technical advancement will come into picture the very next day and it will start ruling the entire business world. This is just some of the trends that I feel will be ruling 2018. Though there can be several more trends that can be added to the list.

Collonmade has proven its capabilities in a number of domains. The blockchain technology is another such domain where we are providing top-notch development services so that more and more businesses can leverage the benefits of this technology. We have successfully implemented various systems that involve the cryptographic model of work. Our solutions have been helping several organizations worldwide to ease the complex paradigm of ‘transactions’ and cost based processes. We are a team of multidomain experts who firmly believe in providing a concrete and holistic customer experience throughout the development lifecycle.

The blockchain development is the new big thing that is all set to rule the digital market in the coming years. Although in the recent years, Blockchain has revolutionized the financial sectors only but this multi-facet technology has finally found its way into other industries too. Blockchain-based development is maturing at a rapid pace and subsequently, business owners are getting aware of this technology and its benefits. With the help of Blockchain, businesses get to have a smart, intelligent centralized data repository that is encrypted using latest cryptographic tools.

According to the latest world bank predictions, 10% of the IT infrastructure will deploy blockchain by 2025.Such trends show the growing popularity of Blockchain development and how they will prove to be one of the essential pillars of the business and IT world. The blockchain is a flourishing technology right now but is sure to offer heavy returns in the coming years.

What is actually Blockchain development?

The blockchain is basically a series of various blocks that are connected electronically and secured with complex cryptographic algorithms. The blockchain is a publically shared ledger that is secured cryptographically and stores information chronologically. Initially, blockchain was specifically designed for transactions related to bitcoin and was first used by Satoshi Nakamoto also the inventor of Bitcoin. As mentioned earlier Blockchain is a chain of several blocks with each block having a specific size and stores transaction details, account details and other confidential information.

It offers a shared infrastructure that allows you to leverage the advantages of the cutting edge market ecosystems. It changes the conventional methods of transaction, trading and settlements.

What are the benefits from blockchain?

1 ) Blockchain development provides transparency as well as immutability in records.

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3 ) It helps you to protect and secure your data from getting hacked.

4 ) The overall cost is reduced because there is no third party involvement.

5 ) It provides a secure platform for the development of smart contracts. The smart contract helps you to enforce a negotiation between two parties on basis of contractual clauses. The contractual clauses are untamperable and cannot be deciphered by any third party.

Essential features of our Blockchain development services

We at Collonmade help you to switch your business to Blockchain environment in a way that is specifically tailored to suit your requirements. Implementation of blockchain doesn’t affect a small module of your business but the whole architecture is overhauled. We offer end to end custom blockchain development services for a sundry of business needs. Our development services are sure to help you take the lead in blockchain backed business.

1 ) The blockchain solutions provided by our team experts let you do fund transfers and exchange encrypted documents securely. We also develop secure cryptocurrency applications based on Blockchain ledger.

2 ) The blockchain based solution provided by us are of high quality, scalable and customised as per your business needs.

3 ) Our ready to use customized modules can be easily incorporated and tailored as per your business.

4 ) Collonmade thrives on providing prudent solutions for our client’s businesses that are aligned with their ideas.

5 ) The implementation of our blockchain technology services is smooth and promises enhanced functionality and security of your application.

Blockchain development services by our firm

1 ) Blockchain-based applications :

Collonmade is best in providing the aptest web and mobile applications for cryptocurrencies, bitcoins, ripples and altcoins. Our custom cryptocurrency can be used for all type of businesses. We provide the decentralized applications on the blockchain ledger. Collonmade specializes in blockchain development and has a dedicated team of developers who specialize in building smart contracts. We try our best to make full use of blockchain technology and leverage the maximum benefits out of it.

2 ) Bitcoin services app development :

Bitcoins is a cryptocurrency that has been accepted as a worldwide payment method. It is the first ever-digital currency that can be exchanged for several other currencies. The exchange is verified by network nodes without an intermediary. Collonmade has hands-on experience in this field and provides customized bitcoin services. We provide bitcoin application development services that range from Bitcoin wallets to various other trading platforms. We focus on building dynamic and robust bitcoin wallets and also provide bitcoin payment gateway integration.

3 ) Ethereum development :

Ethereum is a platform that allows the user to write decentralized code with the help of blockchain technology. If you are looking for a power-packed decentralized Ethereum based application then your quest ends here. Collonmade provides customized ethereum development solutions at an optimum price. We promise to deliver a product that will be specifically tailored as per your needs using the cutting-edge tools and technology. Our team of expert ethereum developers dig deep into your requirements criteria before churning out the final product.

Ethereum development services at Collonmade offers:

  • Customised decentralised applications
  • Smart contracts development
  • Cryptocurrency app development using ether

4 ) Smart contracts :

Smart contract help you to enforce a negotiation between two parties on basis of contractual clauses. In short, they can be defined as a deal that automatically executes facilitating a fair deal between the involved parties. There are some pre-defined inputs that act as a trigger agent for the execution of a contract. These contracts are generally decentralized and involves some type of cryptocurrency. Smart contracts are decentralized and make full use of blockchain with thick layers of protection against a number of cyber threats. The contractual clauses are untamperable and cannot be deciphered by any third party.