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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the experiences that combine the best of the web and the best of apps. PWA is the next big thing in web development as they bring mobile-app-like experiences to your users without requiring them to install an app from the app store/ play store.

PWA Apps are reliable, fast, engaging and useful to the users from the very first visit in a browser tab for which there is no install required. With the help of PWA, companies progressively build a relationship with the clients in a short period that’s why it becomes more and more powerful for the companies.

Due to these great benefits, nowadays there are many social media and e-commerce giants that have switched over to a PWA. Where Twitter experienced an increase up to 65% in pages per session, 75% increase in tweets sent, and a 20% decrease in bounce rate. Also, the Flipkart Lite app has three times lower data usage than its traditional mobile predecessor.

There are many other top companies such as Alibaba, Forbes, The Washington Post, Ola, Virgin America etc that have also made the switch to Progressive Web Apps. By now, people who are implementing PWAs are quite familiar with ‘service workers’ and are also aware of its potential in powering the progressiveness of web apps. Also, make it sure that can be confusing if you are a novice in PWA.

The main functionalities of service workers are Push notifications, Content caching, Offline functionalities and updating content in the background. To understand it better, we can define a service worker as the script or worker script, performing following the scenes, with no app dependency, executing in response to events, such as push notifications, changes in connectivity, and responding to network requests, and more.

Using ‘service workers’, we can gain a lot of advantages, such as in case of a failed network request, the service worker will launch the offline mode and thus everything will be perfect and back to normal while the users experience an constant user interface experience.

Overview –

We are one of the leading mobile application developers who are experts in providing the best Progressive Web application development services. We will take a quick look at an existing PWA and compare it with a normal Java app, to understand the major differences and what needs to be implemented. We have also the engagement on social media growing by 10X. So, if you are looking for a Progressive web application development company your search ends here.

Key Features of PWA:


Nowadays, people are driven toward web application development which is totally responsive. The User Interface (UI) of PWA is capable of fitting into the form factor and screen size of any specific or all devices.


The Progressive Web App needs to be programmed to function across any device and improvise in a progressive pattern which is one of the biggest features of the Progressive Web Apps.


If we are accessing the Progressive Web Apps then it has not any necessity of a continuous internet or data connectivity option to manage it because it can work in low or no connectivity areas. The PWA can also work in an offline mode too.


The Progressive Web Apps are discoverable which is one of the main key benefits of using it. These websites are easily searchable on any search engine that’s why it has the dominance over the native web apps.


The Progressive Web Apps are usually hosted on HTTPS by which it can prevent any kind of hacking or intrusions from outsides. Also, the interaction experience which is implemented via service workers makes the network of PWA impermeable.

App Reuse

Push notifications are one of the best features of PWA that allows it to achieve the objects of reusing apps which is also sometimes referred as ‘re-engageable.’

Real Web App

The main aspect of designing a PWA is that it should follow the native apps which are designed on the application shell model by offering less or minimized page refreshes.

Readily available

The Progressive Web Apps are readily available which can be easily installed on your device’s home screen so that users can start using it instantly.

Our Key Features

Our Progressive Web Apps skills combine the best of the web and the best of apps. We have the set of technologies, which when used together, supercharge web apps so they can compete with the traditional native apps. There are the following unique feature availing which one can feel our incredibility.

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Quick turnaround time

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Benefits of Progressive Web Development PWA

Connectivity Independent

Easily Linkable

Enhanced Performance

Apps Like Navigation and Branding

Adaptive for any Platform

Safe and Secure