Seven Types of Wastages During Software Development Process (Post2)

Seven Types of Wastages During Software Development Process (Post2)

Friends we have discussed three wastages in our previous post now we will go to the fourth one. Before that let me remind you once again that four wastages. They are :

– Waiting (Delay)

– Over production (extra features)

– Over learning (Re work)

– Defects.

4. Waiting (Delay)

Developers sits ideal in waiting of the task. This is because of the delay done in development that will be handed over to them. Also, delay in beginning of the task comes in this category.

Why it happens :

>> Less number of the developers than required.

>> No time line defined or not communicated to developer if defined.

>> Team members have to depend on external help. (like external expert, or outsourcing part )

How we can eliminate it :

>> If company cannot afford the extra permanent developers, then outsourcing can be done. But outsourcing has it’s own draw backs which needs to attend properly.

>> As discussed many times, daily project team meetings will help in communicating time line to developers and to develop the reasonable time line is responsibility of project manager.

>> If the work is outsourced or some external expert is hired for some work then they also must communicated the time line and penalties for delay also must be defined.

5. Over production (extra features)

The important features of the project must be identified and discussed with all team members from the beginning by project manager. Project  manager should know 80-20 rule. That is 20 % of the project features are used by 80% of the client’s customers. And he must stress out that that features. Less attention should be paid to remaining features.

>> Not identifying and communicating important features of the project.

>> Not properly understanding the client’s requirement and his target customers.

>> Team trying to show the creativity.

How we can eliminate it :

>> Project manager should not treat all features as equally important. He must clear important and less important features to his team.

>> Client knows his business well. Try to get all the information from him. Sometimes it happens that the person deputed from the client side is also not fully aware about his company’s requirements. So, for project manager it is important to communicate all the requirements request in written duly signed by the clients end. And also other persons from the client’s side should be involved in this communication.

>> Your company is being paid for what client has asked to do. To shows the creativity all the time (again I am using all the time, sometimes when it is required is good) is not good for the developer and team. It is simply wasting of time.

6. Over learning (Re-work)

Not using the knowledge available with tin the team and trying to reinvent the things.

Why it happens :

>> Lack of information regarding recent activities going on the project in hand

>> Lack of coordination or poor team spirit.

>> Project team members not supporting each other. (seems bad, but it is hidden reality)

How we can eliminate it :

>> As said many times daily project team meeting with clear documentation resolves many issues. E.g. one team member says today he will develop something on the project, immediately other team member who has worked on the same will clear the matter.

>> Team spirit is must. It is owner’s responsibility to teach it to every member of the company about it. Also, there must be clear message from company that either work as a team or leave it. (Yes, seems harsh. But I have worked both kind of companies which doing it and other not doing it. And results were clear)

>> As already said there must be clear message to every team members for the ethical behavior. If any breach or complaints rises on any team member not supporting to peer then team leader must not neglect the same. He must get the truth and should take action that gives clear message to other.

7. Defects

Erroneous scripts or features, which produce wrong output. But not only this if the development (like algorithm etc.) is not producing the required quality output then also it is considered as defect.

Why it happens :

>> Lack of required information from the client or Project manager to team members or developers.

>> Late involvement of testers.

>> Not having good quality developers. Or less trained developers.

>> Last minutes changes from client side.

How we can eliminate it :

>> Daily meetings of the project team and involvement of the every team member form the first day of technical meet with client is necessary to overcome the information gap.

>> Testers must be involved regularly at pre-determined development stages of the project. Project manager must be responsible for the same.

>> Developers must understand that what they are going to develop will be bread and butter for the others. So, they must be serious about development. Also, they must be trained regularly by the organization. Good developers must be rewarded regularly.

>> The last minutes changes from the client side cannot be controlled. But there must be clarity on the same to the clients that last minutes changes will cost extra (depend on the organization’s strategy) In short this wasting of time of everyone and money forgone due to doing the same or extra work which was not decided earlier should be considered seriously.

Three important things come again and again in the whole scenario

>> Involvement of every team member from the beginning of the project, tarting from the first technical meet with the client.

>> Daily internal meeting of project team with proper documentation.

>> Proper support of the project managers to team and between team members themselves. Strict actions should be taken on members who are intentionally not supporting to others.

Thus, Just by knowing the wastages types we can reduce or eliminate them. The advantage is more output by reduced work.

We at collonmade gives constant training to our employees to learn and to reduce these wastages. Also, we use job rotation techniques to make them understand that what difficulties are being faced by other departments due to delays or some other reasons. It helps a lot in very creative projects like Internet of things (IOT).

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