Significance of RealTime Features in the Success of your mobile App

Significance Of Real-Time Features In The Success Of Your Mobile App

Significance Of RealTime Features In The Success Of Your Mobile App

Mobile Apps have come a long way and almost all Apps these days have real-time features. The real-time features serve many purposes from providing notifications and updates to being useful as a messaging App. The Facebook application also makes use of real-time features for the purpose of notification and Uber App for location tracking.

The other features that a mobile App may have include news updates, the ability to track any orders made in real-time, navigation Apps, Apps to check schedules of public transport like buses and trains in real-time and many more. This article explains the importance of real-time app development companies who add real-time features for the success of any mobile App.

Common Real-time Features Important for a Mobile App

  • Alert
  • Social Media Streaming
  • Notification
  • Visual effects
  • Messenger Application
  • Multi-Tasking            
  • Real-time communication
  • Streaming in Real-Time
  • GPS Location Tracking

Importance of Real-Time Features

The main purpose of real-time App is to build better mobile applications and make them close real-world applications. The real-time technology has advanced a great deal to the extent that users expect such advanced features in almost every application they use. Real-time features enhance the usability factor of any application thus, this is one of the many reasons why all firms request the use of real-time features in their applications.

There are several reasons why real-time features are vital for mobile applications besides enhancing the customer experience as listed here:

  • Mobile Applications with real-time features have a greater chance of gaining the attention of the users.
  • Since they offer a very real look and feel it helps capture the imagination of the user.
  • Such applications can handle multiple tasks at a time; for example, it is possible to book a cab, chat with friends and even work on other apps at the same time.
  • All of take actions like booking a cab, chatting with other people, sharing locations, sharing content on social media are taken for granted. The fact is that this is possible only due to real-time technology.
  • Almost every mobile application requires to make use of the notification feature to make the users aware of the status of an App or update. The type of notification depends on the App itself and can be for a news alert, a new message on the instant messenger or several other things. This is possible only due to real-time applications.
  • Real-time features are vital for many different Applications like travel Apps, retail apps, as well as eCommerce websites. It helps the eCommerce store notify a user about dispatch, arrival, pick up and delivery of the product.
  • There are several applications where it is necessary to add, update and delete data in real-time. This technology makes it possible for multiple users to work on the same data simultaneously.
  • There is a rise in the number of IoT devices which requires a high-level of integration and controllability for which real-time technology is essential.
  • Live streaming is vital for a large number of business applications; this is only possible with the help of this technology. Some of the popular Apps that offer streaming in real-time include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.
  • Real-time technology is the basic necessity of any real-time messaging service and is the basic method in which multiple users can communicate all around the world.
  • The number of eCommerce websites are on the rise and more number of people trust making purchases online. Online purchases mean getting the products shipped to your address. Every customer expects to be able to track their package in real-time and a good customer service feature for any queries that might arise. This is only possible with the help of Real-Time technology.

Real-Time Application Solution

Collonmade is one of the leading real-time app development companies. We are both cost-effective and offer a quality solution too. Our expertise extends to using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to enhance the quality of your applications. As a leading real-time mobile application development company we offer a wide range of real-time features including real-time data and feature-rich smartphone applications too

We offer advanced business solutions for custom application development to build e-commerce applications, social networking applications, corporate Apps, and many more. Such Apps are not only cost-effective but are also useful to create the necessary impact and hence are vital for any business to remain competitive.

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