What is the Serverless Framework?

Have you heard about Serverless framework (link) for developing fast responsive applications? If not, then here you will find what the Serverless framework is and why it is getting viral day by day.

Why is open source Serverless framework best?

The open source Serverless framework is a tool that helps the developers to build, manage and also deploy the functions into the cloud provider of choice (AWS, IBM, GOOGLE, and Azure).

It is an open-source web framework that is used to develop the most efficient applications on AWS Lambda. It is written using Node.js.

This fantastic framework is the creation of Amazon-a Serverless computing platform provided as a part of the Amazon Web services.

This Serverless framework works by the mutual functioning of Lambda functions.

It is the world’s most leading software development framework for building Serverless architectures.

Nowadays it is used to build web application that constitute of micro services, that perfectly run in response to events and also done auto scaling. Isn’t amazing?

One of the most amazing features of this Serverless framework is it only charges when it runs. It only supports Python and Node.js runtime.

Less cost, best apps maintaining enables to build more super-fast apps.

Why is open source Serverless framework best?

>> Super-fast

>> Efficient

>> Cost less

>> Collaboration

>> Infinite Scalability

>> Community

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