When should you use ReactJS as your javascript Framework?

Today we will tell you when to use ReactJS(doc) as Java Script Framework instead of AngularJS or any other.

React JS :

It is an open-source Java script library which is specially used for building interfaces. ReactJS is specific to single page applications. Handling the view layer for mobile apps and web as well is made very easy through ReactJS. It can help you make reusable UI components. Jordan Walke created ReactJS. He was a software engineer at Facebook. It was first used in Facebook Newsfeed and then on Instagram a year later.

ReactJS for mobile app development and Web app development is very useful in changing the data without reloading the page. ReactJS is simple, fast and very functional as well. It can only be used on user interfaces in applications. It is also possible to use ReactJS app development with other JavaScript frameworks.

When and Why to use React JS ?

Many options are available to choose a framework. Why would someone opt for ReactJS instead of other frameworks such as AngularJS? The main reason is the simplicity and ease of this framework. It takes a lot of time to learn a framework. If you are confused in many frameworks and looking for the best among them, ReactJS is a good option.

1) Simplicity :

It uses a very plain JavaScript which is very easy to learn. It has a component based approach and a well-defined lifecycle. ReactJS app development is very much easier to build professional web and to control it.

2) Reusability :

React is very much favorable if you want to use the long code again to do IOS app development or other web developments. It is beneficial in creating mobile applications.

3) Data Binding :

One-way data binding and Flux helps you control the flow of data from a single control point which is known as a dispatcher. It is very easier to debug your components of large React JS applications.

4) Performance :

React JS can inject dependencies automatically through React JS-di. It does not have any built-in container for it.

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