Why Apple Is Asking iPhone X Developers to Embrace the Notch


Apple is known to introduce most innovative and imaginative designs of their tech products. There is no denying the fact that Apple products offer great user experience and a commendable interface. We all can remember the conventional apple phone designs that were bulky with a bezel around and a single round button. With time the design became much slimmer and now the latest one has no bezel at all. The rectangle frame with rounded corners and round button at the bottom doesn’t exist anymore. Welcome to the latest world of the notch design. The latest development that Apple has announced is a bezel-less phone design.

The new Apple phones have an edge to edge organic LED display screen that dominates nearly the entire front design. The market is flooded with low-bezel phones but Apple iPhone X is bringing a new era of design where bezel doesn’t exist. A bezel is the narrow surrounding on the phone screen which provides the space for the camera and the speakers. With this latest design what you get is just the display screen or better put it this way a bezel interface. This certainly means that all the applications will have to be designed in such a way that they support this design.

This design of iPhone X is quite conflicting with the current web standards. The WebKit (the engine that supports the way how web pages look on various browsers) are requesting the developers to modify their code with device-specific codes so that it can be optimised accordingly. Even after making such changes in the code the website design may not fit perfectly on the screen. It may get stretched out to the edges of the screen or cut out the meaningful content that the application or the website has to offer. These are the challenges that are coming with the latest iPhone X notch design.

The apple has announced and asked all the developers that all the applications (effective from April 2018) that will be submitted to the apple store will be built with iOS 11 SDK and will need to comply with the Notch design. Apple could have easily hidden the notch with some UI changes but they have decided to take the other way round and embrace it. Several popular application listed on the App store behave weirdly when viewed on an iPhone X. Some websites start showing white bars on the sides when viewed in a horizontal/landscape orientation. Games and certain applications have few sections missing that are filled in with black screen. The only good thing about notch is that movies and photographs do not go full screen on their own you will have an option of double tapping the screen for switching it to notch screen.

Why has Apple introduced notch?



The major reason behind the introduction of this display is the new feature of face recognition and the reality sensors to make features like Animoji available. It will replace the traditional touch id. The face recognition technology will use the infrared camera for allowing the user to log in. The camera array installed in the Apple iPhone X is much bigger leading to designing of a larger cut-out. This issue could have been sorted out by an introduction of a larger bezel that could have easily accommodated the larger camera. But, here again, it would not have been able to stand any different from the other models of Samsung and other mobile devices. This can be called out more of the branding argument and another way to stand out among the rival companies. The issue is not that big as sighted by the majority of people because it needs to be realized that notch is a feature, not a bug. The phone will mostly be used in portrait modes and users won’t face as much of the issues and will get accustomed to it with time. In cases, where games have to be played a little bit of compromise might have to be made.

The design may seem ugly but the users will soon get the hang of it. The Apple fans have to make peace with this design because it is here to stay in the market and is not going to disappear anytime soon. This is the main reason why Apple has been asking the developers to embrace the notch. The developers need to churn out creative design ideas that will be in accordance with the latest notch design. Many developers came out with ideas where they developed apps that when downloaded will form a black bar at the top of the screen imitating the earlier iPhone designs. Though this idea is a middle way and is not a permanent solution for anything, therefore, the developers need to work a permanent solution for this. Apple has also asked the developers that they need to “embrace” the notch and not hide it.

The discussion of this doesn’t end here as all other rival companies be it Google Android or Samsung is also on the verge of adopting the notch design. The upcoming version of Google’s OS will be supporting the new design that includes the notch design too. This makes it even more important for the iPhone X developers to start thinking about right strategies to work with this latest design trend.

Though embracing the notch doesn’t seem to be the simplest of the tasks but with time and technology, the major design obstructions will surely be resolved. The main issue still remains the same that is embedding of the sensors under the display. The users will also get used to it because if this trend becomes successful then almost all the phones will be adopting the notch design. For people who are still not happy with the notch, design can download few applications that will edit the wallpaper and give a black design at the top hiding the notch.

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