Why both IT and business transformation are same

Why both IT and business transformation are same?

When we talk about transformation then what is the first thing that pops in your head? The answer will be certainly changes for betterment. Transformation is a part of every sector be it the business environment, infrastructure or just our culture. Every smallest thing is in the cycle of constant change and improvement. Let us talk about transformation of two fundamental entities one is the IT and the other is the business.

What is business transformation?

A quote from Harvard business review stated, ”Business transformation is about making fundamental changes in how business is conducted to cope with the changes in the market trends”. This statement makes it pretty clear that business transformation is all about bringing changes in the business strategies and operations that is in sync with the varying market trends. These changes are basically incorporating latest IT infrastructure to transform the business processes. 

What is IT transformation?

This term primarily focuses on implementing new technical innovations within IT department of an enterprise. It basically transforms the IT management processes with cutting edge technologies to improve the productivity. IT itself is not an individual standalone player rather it is used for overhauling the complete business processes. It is a part of every industry from manufacturing to medicine, transformation means bundling various strategies to leverage information technology in innovative ways. IT transformations enable a business or an enterprise to execute their processes differently in every way. For example, you used to visit a market for doing shopping, business transformation wanted to change this go-to-market model to get-market-at-home model. This was enabled with the help of IT that provides technology driven solutions to execute it effectively.

Why both IT and business transformation are same?

We are entering into a digital world where every smallest business is being automated. The access to private and public multi-cloud platforms allows small and big enterprises to expand their realm of work and henceforth promote the change in business methodologies.

Effective IT transformation can do following things to a business:

business workflow

Automate a large number of business processes and improvise the business workflow

Expand a business in terms of innovation and capabilities

Improve efficiency and performance

IT transformation is also responsible for making businesses competitive enough and brace themselves for the new market trends and challenges. It won’t be wrong to say that a business transformation is actually driven by IT transformation.

We tend to combine both the transformations and overhaul the complete business infrastructure. The storage strategies, the hardware and software used for management, implementation techniques everything goes through a reassessment. Furthermore, new fresh and innovative ways are developed to solve old problems.

How does business transformation actually takes place?

Before taking the plunge into redefining your business model you need to prepare a plan of action. You need to know what your business is set to achieve, what are your customer expectations and how should you try to accomplish it. It will need you to figure out that does your requirements need a complete overhaul of your infrastructure or modifying some of the modules will be enough to achieve the goal. 

Business transformation is simply modifying the operations that they become faster, cheaper and efficient. It can be better explained and understood in this way that businesses are going digital and deploying latest IT management tools to solve their existing problems.Going the digital way may be a great option in terms of reducing costs and attaining customer satisfaction but they do not reapnlong term benefits. On the contrary if one settles on IT transformation it empowers you to build a system that will help you in the long run but also provide you a competitive edge over your peers.

Stakeholders also unite behind the IT transformation to gain traction.There aare significant amount of advantages when IT and business come together. Some of them are :

tools and technology

New tools and technology is brought together to the users.

Unwanted risk and effort is eliminated.

A large number of goals is accomplished in minimal time. Extra time wastage on operations is reduced.

cloud environment

The multi cloud environment is leveraged to its maximum to achieve te best out of it. 

It also gives a boost to ROI and reduces TCO while doing more work with just less.

What should people keep in mind while implementing IT and business transformation together

Many firms fail to achieve a successful business transformation because they lack at efficiently utilizing IT resources. It is important to understand that a business can only be transformed if IT and technology is implemented logically and mindfully. It is always a good idea to partner with a trusted IT advisor who is well informed about the latest innovations and can help you to align your business strategies with IT efforts. A proper strategic planning and brainstorming sessions with a team of IT experts can help you change your overall perspective for your business. They will help you to do long term planning instead of short-term goals. 

IT and Business transformation is a never-ending evolving journey. In order to compete in the market you will have to continuously explore new opportunities and find innovative methods to meet the needs of the customer. 

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