Benefits of Angular Framework To Develop Modern Applications

Why Choose Angular JS To Develop Modern Web Applications

Why Choose AngularJS To Develop Modern Web Applications ?

Angular is one of the most common app development instruments currently present. In 2009, Google introduced Angular as an open-source front end development framework. Angular is widely used for developing dynamic and modern web apps. In recent years angular app development has become more popular. According to a survey of Stack Overflow, Angular was the second most used technology after Node.js in 2018. And these figures are continuously improving, in 2019 the Angular development community has increased over 50% according to NG-Conf 2019. These facts show that angular app development has some serious potential.

The best thing about the angular app development is the ability to synchronize data in an efficient manner with very little effort. This article will describe the benefits of the angular framework and the reasons for using angular app development for your next project.

Reasons for using Angular Framework

Angular has almost every feature that makes it the best choice for developing modern applications. We have mentioned some key points of Angular Framework below:

1. Support and Large Community

One of the reasons that developers prefer the Angular over other frameworks is because it is supported by Google. Angular was developed by Google and now it is maintained by top-level Google engineers. This makes Angular platform trustworthy for the developers. Another advantage of Angular app development is the large community of Angular developers that love to help each other.

2. Cross-Platform

Angular is cross-platform, this is what every developer wants nowadays. Angular can be used for developing native mobile apps with strategies from NativeScript, etc. Modern-day web applications with high performance can be built with an Angular framework. The best thing is the development of desktop applications while using the same practices used for web development.

3. MVC Done Right

The angular framework is based on the architecture of Model-View-Controller (MVC). But it is not following the conventional MVC pattern. In Angular, developers do not need to split the app into different components. Developers just need to divide the app and everything else is taken care of by Angular. The simplified MVC structure makes the coding easy and eliminates unnecessary code.

4. High Performance

The angular framework ensures a high performance of apps. We can say that high-performance apps are a trademark of Angular Framework. In Angular app development, the code is optimized and universal. The feature of code splitting makes the app load faster. The users only load the code that is required to render the view. This render feature has a hight effect on the load time of web apps.

5. Code Reusability

Angular is component-based and makes the code reusability easy. As angular is component-based, the code is placed in component classes or defines a @Component decorator (metadata).

6. TypeScript

Typescript is used for writing Angular apps. Typescript is a superscript of JavaScript which ensures high security and high performance. It is easier to refactor and also easier to read. Typescript can easily be debugged within a browser or an editor, and you also get the feature of Intellisense (auto-complete).


These are the key factors to consider angularjs for your next web application . Contact us to learn more about our company and the options .

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