Why Opt For NodeJS For Web Application Development

Why Opt For Node.JS For Web Application Development

Why Opt For NodeJS For Web Application Development

If you are a tech guy you must have heard the hype of Node.js. Even if you are not a tech-savvy and google about the latest website technologies, Node.js will appear on the top. Node.js is one of the top choices of any development company for developing the apps. The popularity and revenue of any Node.js development company have immensely increased over the past years. 

So, what this hype is all about? Why Node.js is so popular these days. In this article, we have covered different aspects related to Node.js.

Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment that is built on V8 technology. Node.js was developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009 and currently, it is running on its version 0.10.36. It has an open-source chrome javascript engine with very high performance. We all know that Javascript is the most common technology for software development currently. So besides the fact that Node.js is based on Javascript, Node.js has an event-driven architecture that offers a non-blocking input/output API.

Why Use Node.js for the development of web apps?

A brief overview of Node.js has been given in the above section. Let’s discuss some points about Node.js in detail.

1. Good for Real-Time Web Apps

Real-time web apps are one of the most impactful apps these days. One of the main benefits of Node.js is its ability to create multi-user real-time web apps without making things too complex. It is best for the real-time apps that require event-driven and non-blocking architecture e.g. chatting apps like WhatsApp or multi-player games.

2. Large Online Community

Another reason for using Node.js is its large online community. The node.js company provides good support, also there are more than 1000 independent contributors. The Node.js community is quite helpful in case of any issue or you need any help.

3. Node.js is Fast

Everyone is in a hurry these days, people don’t take like websites taking too much time to load. Node.js is powered by Google and is extremely fast. Node.js converts the JS into native machine code, which results in better performance of web apps. The Node.js apps also consume very little memory as compared to other current technologies.

4. Single Code Base

Sending data between client and server is a very challenging task for the developers. Thankfully node.js has made this easy by allowing the developers to write JavaScript for the server and client specifically. This feature makes easy to send and synchronize data between server and client-side, thus helping developers in a big way.


Node.js has a lot of potentials, and it is proving its worth. Node.js has made complex things easier such as developing real-time apps. It can be said that Node.js is currently the best choice for developers for creating web apps. If you are thinking about developing a web app in Node.js then feel free to contact us .
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