Why should you use AWS lambda in your next application ? Read here :

Why should you use AWS lambda in your next application ?

AWS Lambda is a simple and easy to use event-driven platform (Serverless computing) offered by Amazon. It is a part of Amazon Web Services. It runs the code to manage the computer resources automatically. The primary purpose of this Serverless computing platform is to produce simple, small and on demand web applications that are much responsive to events and information.

There are many reasons to use AWS Lambda for app development. Some of them are as follows:

1) No Servers to Manage

One of the best and main reasons to use AWS Lambda for creating your next app is it requires no servers to manage. All you need is to upload your code and leave the rest on AWS Lambda.

2) Continuous Scaling

Another reason of using is it automatically scales each trigger individually. AWS Lambda automatically scales application by just running code. The code given by you runs in parallel and similarly processes each trigger according to the size of workload.

3) Sub second Metering

One of the fantastic features of AWS Lambda is it only charges until your code runs. Means it charges for every 100ms for code execution. You don’t have to pay extra for anything. This is one of the great reason that millions of developers prefer AWS Lambda on other platforms.

4) Secure Web App Development

It is effortless to develop a web application with the help of AWS Lambda. All you need is to combine AWS with some other AWS services like S3 . Here you go!

The developers can build a powerful, responsive and easy to use web applications that can automatically scale up and down.

With the help of AWS Lambda, one can run code of any type for any application with zero administration. All you need to upload code and let the Lambda do its work. It has made web app development, mobile app development easy, fast and responsive. It is very much easy to start with AWS Lambda. Now get lifetime-experience with this Serverless computing platform powered by Amazon.

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