Little Known Reasons Why Spring Framework Is Best
To Develop Java Applications That Are Robust

Spring framework is becoming quite popular these days for enterprise java. The best part is that it is an open-source java platform. The codes that you create using this framework are not only going to be high-performing but is also easy to test and reuse. You need to, however, pick the best company that provides java application development services. 

There are indeed so many different frameworks in the world today. Since Spring is an underlying framework, it manages the infrastructure while you concentrate on the performance of the application . Springs incorporates design patterns of MVC or Model View Containers. In a nutshell, Spring is loosely couple, as well as Framework of the Framework.

You can say Spring is nothing but Type Compatible Means. Now, what this means you can work with it on any technology or framework. This, however, is not possible with all the frameworks that you find in the market.

Benefits Of Using Spring?

  • Spring offers support to different frameworks such as Hibernate, EJB, Struts, Tapestry, and JSF, to name a few.
  • Using the spring framework, one can develop almost any application that runs on Java. However, developers use it primarily to build web applications.
  • These are some of the modules that you can find in the Spring framework— DAO, AOP, IOC, WEB MVC, Context, and ORM.
  • Quite easy to use
  • Manage huge amounts of database transactions on it
  • The dependency injection in Spring allows you to write a testable code.
  • Using the Web MVC framework, you can make web applications that are robust and good.

Advantages Of Spring Framework

Little Known Reasons Why Spring Framework Is Best to Develop Java Applications That Are Robust

Light Weight Framework: Spring is a framework that is light in weight, and it permits you to use most of the modules on top of Spring core.

Container: Spring has its own container that allows you to manage the bean lifecycle with ease.

MVC Framework: If you are planning to use web applications that are MVC based, you should plan on using an MVC framework.

Transaction Management: With the Spring framework, you get a layer that takes care of transaction management. You can use it both with or without JEE or J2EE environment.

IOC or Inversion of Control : Now, this is one of the top features in the framework. This framework satisfies most of the application dependencies.

AOP or Aspect-Oriented Programming : AOP or Aspect-Oriented Programming is quite popular in the world of programming. This feature is quite useful if you have to divide system services from the business logic.

Features That Come Along With It : Here are some of the features that you will get to enjoy when you use Spring:

Spring Security : Safeguarding applications is possible because of the robust security framework that this framework offers.

Spring Social : Developers can integrate social networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub with the application with ease.

Spring Data : You can easily simplify data access from NoSQL data stores and from relational. 

Spring Batch : Offers a batch processing framework that is the most powerful and robust.

Spring Integration : If you are using this framework, it is easy to integrate it into other enterprise applications. Developers can achieve this task using declarative adapters as well as the lightweight messaging.

Core Container

Spring Beans: Now, this is one module in the Spring framework that offers BeanFactory. It is nothing but an implementation of the design pattern that comes from the factory. This module is the one that makes this framework a container. Developers can not only create but manage the objects as defined in the configuration files of the spring bean.

Spring Core: If you use this module, you are going to enjoy the features related to the dependency injection.

Spring Context: Developers are going to enjoy support for resource loading, event propagation, and internationalization when they use this particular module.

Spring Expression: This particular module offers you an expression language that is quite powerful, which will assist you in manipulating the object graph during the runtime.

If you desire to enjoy all the benefits that are listed above, you should find a leading company that provides Java application development services. Only a company that has the experience and expertise can provide the best services.

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